Using Twitter as Assistive Technology

Using Twitter as Assistive Technology
Posted: 18 Aug 2014 10:00 AM PDT
The following short closed captioned video provides a great, simple and easy AT idea for executive function or episodic memory loss.
The idea? Use Twitter – a free program/app – to tweet to yourself about your daily activities. Then, you can search them easily if you don’t remember something that you did or what happened in previous days. You don’t have to make your tweets public, you can just store all of your tweets to yourself!
The following video explains how to set up a Twitter account and do this – so even someone that is not familiar with social media channels should not feel intimidated by this idea. The instructions are very easy to follow.
One thing to note, Emily mentions that, when going back to your tweets to find a word or phrase you can type Command + F on a Mac, and, for the record, on a PC you can do the same thing by using the Control + F button.
Here is the official description of the video. Enjoy!
Temple University Occupational Therapy student Emily Wishnick interviews Tom Dixon about the use of Twitter to help with episodic memory loss due to a Traumatic Brain Injury. Created with Megan Webb.

To learn more about Tom Dixon and his story you can view Parts 1, 2, & 3 of his talk:
Traumatic Brain Injury? Technologically Beyond it!
Part I:
Part II:
Part III:

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Michael O’Connell will be at PiratePALOOZA October 10th!



Michael O’Connell will be showcasing his work during PiratePALOOZA event on October 10, 2014 between 7pm-10pm.  Here is picture and background information courtesy of his biographical website

Born in Sacramento, California, Michael O’Connell was diagnosed at 2 1/2 years old with Muscular Dystrophy. While able to walk in his youth, he eventually, due to the degenerative disease, had to start using a wheelchair full-time.

A career auto claims insurance adjuster, he found himself suddenly out of a job in 2009. After over a year of unemployment, an old friend called him with an out-of-the-blue idea: just for kicks, why didn’t they go to a comedy open mic night and try doing some stand-up, just to see what it was like?

Never having attempted comedy before, Michael took the stage that night. And he won the competition. And he never looked back.


He began appearing in comedy clubs and rooms all over Sacramento, had a story written on him in the Sacramento Bee, and competed in the Tommy T’s Talent Search Finals, finishing second overall in the championship round. He also ended up doing a comedy show with the legendary Bobby Slayton. All this within his first five months in comedy. wrote, “Michael O’Connell is taking the comedy scene by storm. His recent successes have been the talk of the town.”


Several Hollywood celebrities viewed his YouTube videos and began corresponding with him, and self-help guru Tony Robbins, after reading an interview with O’Connell in Quest Magazine, invited him to be his guest at one of his seminars in L.A. Michael began to work other cities, from L.A. to San Diego to San Francisco to Portland to Seattle, both in club performances and corporate shows.


He went on to co-found The Comedians with Disabilities Act, a comedy troupe made up all disabled comics, who after their first sold-out show got booked in such famed venues as San Francisco’s Punch Line and the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. He also founded Ramp Up Productions and began producing comedy shows, including “Smokin’ & Jokin’“, a regular cigar lounge comedy event, and “The Mikes“, a tour featuring a group of comedians all named Mike.


Both in his solo performing and when touring with the Comedians with Disabilities Act or The Mikes, Michael turns what some would call tragedy into what he sees as comedy, finding the funny in all his challenges and inviting delighted audiences into the “secret world of wheelchair living”, telling hilarious stories from his everyday life and poking fun at the “abled”. Whether performing for grownups in comedy clubs or speaking to disabled teens at MDA camps, he mixes laughter and inspiration into an unforgettable entertainment experience.


“You killed it!” — Dan Finnerty, The Dan Band


“You’re going to love this guy.” —


“Michael O’Connell, the self-described ‘wheelchair comedian’, has exploded onto Sacramento’s comedy scene in the past year, quickly earning himself a reputation as a thoughtful and hilarious comic.” —


“Michael O’Connell is a comedy ninja!” — Brian Crall, owner, Sacramento Comedy Spot


“I ****ing LOVE that guy!” — Bobby Slayton


“The funniest man on wheels.” — Ellis Rodriguez


“You’re an inspiring man!” — Tony Robbins


“Bravo!” — Adam Baldwin


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Shasta County Veterans Collaborative

August 26, 2014 11:30am-1:30pm in the Redding Public Library Community Room


Torri Cardilino – Shasta Co. Housing Special Vets Funding

David Burke – Valley Recovery Center, PTSD & Substance abuse

Tracee Watts – Rural Womens Veterans Needs Assessment Project

Veterans and members of the public are invited to attend this FREE informational event

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2nd Annual Redding PiratePALOOZA

Redding PP Flier copy

Are you interested in donating, sponsoring or attending this event?  Please contact ILSNC at (530) 242-8550

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Redding PiratePALOOZA 2014 !

Join us in planning PiratePALOOZA on August 11th Monday 10am at 169 Hartnell Ave. Suite 128 in ReddingPiratePALOOZA Icon

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Who will be entertaining at this years PiratePALOOZA in Redding?


Tempest Caliban will be entertaining this year at PiratePALOOZA on October 10th at Win River Casino.  Event begins at 7pm and includes a 3 course dinner and lots of fun! Check them out here at their website:

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ILSNC with Deborah Uhl and Pamela Thomason at Win River Health Fair today

ILSNC at Win River Health Fair today

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August 6, 2014 · 1:08 PM