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People With Disabilities — Winter Preparedness Tips

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People with disabilities may want to take extra care during the cold weather season. Some disabling conditions may limit sensory abilities and the ability to maintain body heat, so be particularly vigilant about staying warm when you are out in low temperatures.

  • Wear multiple layers of clothing, including a scarf around your neck, a winter hat, lined boots and two pairs of socks.
  • If possible, wear thermal gloves underneath mittens to keep your hands warm.
  • It’s also a good idea to carry a cell phone.

If you travel in a wheelchair, wrap a small blanket around your legs, tucking it underneath yourself or around your sides. This will help to maintain body heat. Wheelchair users may consider purchasing pneumatic tires for better traction. Another alternative is to use standard dirt bicycle tires. Use table salt or clay cat litter to clear ramps – rock salt can poison working assistance animals and also may be slippery. Remove the tires from your wheelchair and shake debris and ice off them before placing them in your vehicle. Wipe down any metal surfaces (wheelchair tire rims, walkers, etc.) as soon as possible after returning home. This will prevent rusting.

If you are a wheelchair user and unaccustomed to heavy, strenuous wheeling, be very careful when traveling through snow. The added exertion could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Freezing rain also will stick to surfaces such as canes, walkers, forearm cuffs and wheelchairs. Use gripper driving gloves to keep your hands warm and to prevent slipping.

If you use a working assistance dog, remember that dogs also can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. Get a dog coat to place under the harness, and consider getting boots for the paws. Also, have a blanket in your vehicle for the dog.

Additional tips for people with disabilities:

  • Register with the medical or social needs registries.
  • If you receive home-based care (e.g., homecare attendant, home health aide, visiting nurse service), include caregivers in developing your plan and familiarize yourself with your homecare agency’s emergency plan.
  • If you are blind or have a visual disability, store a talking or Braille clock or large-print timepiece with extra batteries.
  • If you have a pet or service animal, also plan for his or her needs (e.g., temporary relocation, transportation, etc.).
  • If you rely on home-delivered meals, always stock nonperishable food at home in case meal deliveries are suspended during an emergency.
  • Have a plan with your doctor that addresses emergency prescription refills, if possible.
  • If you receive dialysis or other medical treatments, find out your provider’s emergency plan, including where your back-up site is located.
  • If you rely on medical equipment that requires electric power, contact your medical supply company for information regarding a back-up power source such as a battery. Follow the manufacturer’s directions when installing the equipment and the battery back-up. If you use a portable generator for emergency power, follow the manufacturer’s directions for safe operation, and check with local fire and building officials for regulations governing generator and fuel use. Ask your utility company if the medical equipment qualifies you to be listed as a life-sustaining equipment customer. Dominion Power customers can call 1-888-667-3000, TTY 711 for more information.
  • If you rely on oxygen, talk to your vendor about emergency replacements.

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Establishing Disability History Awareness Initiatives – A Roadmap for States &Territories

Some information on how disability history and awareness can be recognized within the United States from the Department of Labor.  The link will take you to the DOL roadmap.

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ILSNC is closed Thursday 12/11/14


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PDSG flyer

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Partner with Independent Living Services of Northern California and the Vision Resource Center.

The Giving Tree 

A chance to give local disabled seniors a taste of Christmas spirit”

  A Christmas tree located in the foyer of Humble Joe’s at 10 Hartnell Ave, Redding, CA is decorated with candy canes and hanging gift cards requesting gift wishes of ILSNC senior citizen consumers.  Customers can choose candy cane off the Giving Tree, buy the item(s) on the list and return the donation, along with the gift card to Independent Living Services of Northern California at 169 Hartnell Ave #128 (Behind Round Table Pizza and Scott Valley Bank) across street from Joe’s.

By December 22nd, 2014

Independent Living Services of Northern California (ILSNC) is a private, non-profit organization. Founded in 1980, we provide support services to help empower people with disabilities.  Blind Field Services provides services for those 55 years or older who are experiencing vision problems. Blind Field Services can provide consumers with the necessary information and technology to allow seniors to continue enjoying daily activities.

Other services include:

  • Blind Field Services              •Housing Resources
  • Assistive Technology           •Information and Referral •Advocacy

ilsnc picture

For more information contact Jade or Teresa at (530) 242-8550

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Independent Living Services of Northern CA announces “2015 Vision Expo”

Dear Community Partners

Independent Living Services of Northern CA announces

“2015 Vision Expo”

Vision Resources, a program under Independent Living Services of Northern CA, serves persons 55 years of age and older who are losing their vision or going blind.  Our mission is to provide resources, adaptive aids and education for living a safe, independent and healthy life.  This is accomplished through partnership with Prevent Blindness and other area agencies by serving the aging community in Shasta County

We are inviting you to participate in this year’s Vision Expo. This is a great venue for persons 55 years of age and over to receive necessary health screenings for FREE and to learn about services available in Shasta County to help stay healthy and or manage chronic health issues.

Our Vision Expo is scheduled for Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at The Church of Latter Day Saints, 3410 Churn Creek Rd.  Redding CA. from 9 AM. To 3 PM

Vendor Fees are $75.00 for profit agencies and $25.00 for non-profit agencies. Tables will be provided along with two chairs. Vendors will be responsible for their own table cloths.

Booth Set up will begin on Wednesday, January, 28, 2015 at 8 AM.   Booths must be set up no later than 8:30 AM.  Leaving early is disruptive to participants therefore each vendor is expected to stay until 3:00 pm.

If you wish to participate in our Vision Expo, Please complete the attached Vendor Reservation Form with Payment made out to: ILSNC.  Space is limited so please register by January 10, 2015

If your agency would like to support this event with a financial contribution, consider becoming an Associate Sponsor. As an Associate Sponsor your agency logo will be on all promotional materials, and your organization’s name will be included in all radio interviews, PSA’s and printed advertisement. Please contact Pam Thomason to discuss your financial contribution at 242-8550. 


Pam Thomason                                                                                                                                                                            Senior Specialist

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